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Twist Off!!!!!!!

Twist Off!!!!!!!


Hai guys!

Keo here with some


First off I figure out some fun FORMATTING THINGS IN WORDPRESS

can you tell?

Also Bungie announced that on November 30th they will be releasing a Multiplayer DLC currently called “The Nobel Map Pack”

So yeah get excited.

oh and a new cyanide and happiness, hotdog.
Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
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Time can fly!

Time can fly!

Wow! 3 whole days passed without me posting ANYTHING!!!

I’m gonna say that the number of Posts on September 30th more than makes up for my absence.

SO today All I’ve got is that Bungie Is releasing the first half of their Halo|Reach October Update this Tuesday. Along with Valve’s major L4D/L4D2 updates… Which will be better? Probably the L4D ones cuz this is only Half of Bungie’s update. The rest is mid October sometime. Probably 2 weeks after tuesday.

That’s all I got.


PS- Just saw that L4D2 will be on the  (Mac) this Tuesday as well. L4D1 is being delayed to October? Weird. Oh well. I’m game.

Apple iPod update 2010

Apple iPod update 2010

That’s right. Apple released iPods. Updated iPods.

This includes:

an iPod Touch with everything the iPhone 4 has… except the phone.

a new nano that has only a multi-touch display. No buttons

a shuffle that is basically the shuffle before the stick-of-gum shuffle. (It has buttons. Rejoice.)

iTunes 10 (though it’s not available yet)

and a new Apple TV.

This is where I say, “What the ****, Apple. Nobody ever bought the Apple TV. Why did you make a new one?”

Moving on: The most significant part of this update is what was not announced. There have been rumors floating around the internet about a possible 7 inch iPad. While some my find that to be a stupid iDea (see what i did there?), I thought it seemed plausible. In some cases the iPad is just too big, In others, the iPhone/iPod, is too small. a mini iPad would have been good for a nice compromise.

Thought I still don’t care. I want to see the iPad 2. and maybe a new iPod Classic? What’s wrong with the click-wheel guys? It’s what made the iPod a huge success! MAKE A CLICKWHEEL OPTION FOR THE iPHONE! PLEASE!

ok that’s all I got.

Now to go back to waiting for REACH, G-Mod for Mac, Portal 2, and Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. Adios!

Oh. and happy September.

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