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Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas!

Yes I know I’m two days early but I’m gonna be super busy over the next 48 hours.

So, to make you all happy and stuff I’d like to point out that Back To The Future: The Game has been released for Mac and PC on Steam. (For now it’s 10% off making it only $22.49 while it is normally $25 dollars.)

I assume that when a new Episode is released (It’s a 5 part episodic game) that steam will just give you the next episode. I’m not sure how TellTale Games handles that stuff. Hopefully better than Valve does with their 3-part episodic sequel to Half-Life 2 (Which Episode 3 has STILL NOT BEEN RELEASED! In the time between Episode 2 and now Valve has released a billion* updates for Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead and it’s sequel Left 4 Dead 2, and announced Portal 2, released a free Source Engine game called Alien Swarm (Currently on Windows), and announced a weird RPG sequel called DOTA 2. Oh and they released most of their games for Mac and started a huge Mac-Gaming revolution.)

So yeah. that’s the news. This is Keo here saying “Live Long and Mooful”

Also watch this video:


*billion is an estimation. But it has been updated a FREAKIN’ LOT. Also valve got a new headquarters at some point… don’t remember when.

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