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Some Photos I Shot

Some Photos I Shot








I know, I know. I’m working on the comic. I’ll have the next loading bar up later today. for now enjoy this Cyanide and Happiness.

Help GLaDoS Reboot!

Help GLaDoS Reboot!

Help reboot!!!

A Day that will in the Shadow of Infamy!


That’s write! The day AFTER December 7th!

So to make this day MORE memorable I shall fill it with lolcats.

Starting with a Halo reference

Dude. Cat. That’s like a wolf.

I like the Shaun of the Dead poster in the back. Cool stuff.

Hahaha. War humor.

Yeah that’s about it. Memorable right?

Yeah, I know. I’m evil for trying to undermine a national tragedy by drowning it in adorably cute things. gimme a break, I listened to Mazzy replay “A day which will live in infamy” this morning and it’s stuck in my head and I needed a distraction, kthxby.

GM takes effect

GM takes effect

GM is a drug that makes any consumer of infected plant homosexual, reinforcements won’t come for quiet some time.

Mazzy accepts Mexican Truce.

Mazzy: 2
World: 0

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